"I am the night. I am the fear coursing through your veins. I am Fearling Controlled."

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Face Claim: Julian McMahon
Female Face Claim: Anjelica Hutson; Natalie Portman

2 have appeared in the forest

And what do we have here? Pitch thought to himself as he emerged from a darkened portal from between a few trees. His shadows had alerted him to a new presence in his forest. The Fearlings must have been bored again. They only seemed to kidnap people who they though would be amusing to them.

And, of course, now it was Pitch’s responsibility to get whoever it was out.

But as one of the Fearlings crawled up his leg to whisper into his ear, Pitch had to raise a brow. So. This newcomer had wandered into his forest through a portal all on their own. A grin stretching on his face, he slunk through his darkened woods to stalk the girl that had wandered in. As silent as a shadow, Pitch appeared from behind a tree, enshrouded in darkness.

"Well, well, well," the Nightmare King said, his voice echoing among the trees, making it impossible for someone to find him based on the sound. "What do we have here?"

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pro tip: do NOT think about your otp having their first christmas together bc u will explode from cute feels

avengette: (for the Halloween thing.) "Hey, Nightmare Nerd," Drake grinned, coming up to her friend in a golden gown, swearing this would be the only time she'd be caught dead in such a thing. Smirking up to him, she held a horned cowl up to his chest. "Be my Maleficent?"



Pitch gave her a look before swiping the cowl from her hands. “Only for you,” he mumbled to her before donning the horns. “I am making my own adjustments, however,” The Nightmare King added before a pair of leathery wings made of shadows and Nightmare Sand burst from his shoulder blades. He flared them out, testing out the muscles and how they worked with his own before folding them behind him neatly. “But if you call me ‘godmother’, I might stab you.”

Grinning victoriously as Pitch took the horns, Drake rocked back and forth on her heels.

"That’s fine!" She purred. "You know I support your dramatic flair as long as you don’t make me participate."

Blinking then at her friends new wings, the young woman cocked her head to the side, eyes alight with a catlike twist of curiosity, her first instinct to touch the new appendages. She held herself back, however, worried the King might back out if she acted.

"You wouldn’t stab me," She chuckled with her eyes closed in confidence, chin upturned as she did. "You love too much! Besides…" She added with a wink and a smirk,


"… you’d be Godfather.”

He chuckled at her response, before pretending to give it a thought. He then nodded. “I suppose I can be called Godfather. After all, it’s what I expect to be named when you finally have children,” Pitch said teasingly.

sirisderp: I dare you to kiss me! *^ ^*

"Is that really a dare?" Pitch asked with a grin before wrapping his arm around Siris’ waist to bring her close. He then pecked her on the lips before pulling away, booping her nose with a single finger.


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